What We Do

Tolo is a small startup pioneering a new approach to asset inspection. Using our custom-built cameras and patent-pending Parallax Imagery software platform, inspections of valuable assets can be performed anywhere at any time.

Parallax Imagery is a new approach to imagery, allowing you to inspect objects as if you were there in the field with them. Our inspection software allows full maneuverability around an asset, as well as zoom detail greater than the human eye. Measurements can be taken in seconds, and detailed reports can be generated and shared easily.

Tolo also analyzes the vast amounts of data generated by our system with machine learning / artificial intelligence techniques, unlocking new insights into the status and reliability of your assets. Tolo has worked with a wide range of clients, from forestry agencies to small family farms. We're looking forward to helping you too.

Who We Are

Tolo is a small startup, founded in a basement by two engineers with a vision: help stop the Mountain Pine Beetle. The MPB is an insect native to forests around the world that has recently grown into a plague. Climate-associated explosions in their population have resulted in the deaths of millions of acres of trees, and billions of dollars in lost revenue in Canada alone.

Iain, the former Lead Engineer on Google's StreetView team, realized that he could create a camera capable of identifying trees infested with the beetle to guide containment efforts. He and his partner Thomas set about building that camera, and the tools to analyze the imagery and act on the data gathered.

As Tolo has grown, we've expanded our offerings to other industries that have geographically distributed valuable assets in need of detailed inspection. Tolo has worked with forest services, farms, utilities, and more, all with the goal of making better decisions through better data.

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